June Update

June 14, 2016


I am writing this update just a few days before our departure for Southeast Asia. Gayle and I will be spending the Summer months in China, Vietnam and the Philippines vetting and training national workers.  It is my expectation that we will be adding several new national church planters as a result of our labors during the next 3 months in Asia.

During the month of May we added new church planters in both Indonesia and Communist Laos. I am especially excited about these men as they are serving in areas that are in great need of the gospel. Indonesia is the largest muslim nation in the world and Laos has very little gospel witness. The national pastors and evangelists we are supporting are able to reach into unreached people groups that would be very difficult for foreign missionaries to connect with. These men already speak the language, understand the culture and can live and work among their own people without drawing the attention of a hostile government.

Please pray for courage, boldness and protection for these precious families that are facing danger each and every day. Every man that we support is serving in a difficult and restricted area. We are attempting to come alongside our brethren in dangerous places and help them punch holes in the darkness.

I believe the Lord is pleased when we stand with His persecuted children in prayerful and financial support. Gayle and I are humbled each and every time we meet with them for Bible teaching, encouragement and worship. We covet your prayers for us and for them.


Underground Church Service


Indonesian Pastor


Our next few updates will be sent from somewhere in the 10/40 Window. Please join us in prayer as we prepare for our move to China in early 2017. Headquartering in China will enable us to personally start a church in Southern China as well as expand the ministry of Barnabas1040. These two ministries will be our main focus.

God bless you and thank you for standing with us in this ministry!

Dwight Tomlinson


                       “The only thing worse than being lost is being lost with no one looking for you.” 

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