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2017 is destined to be a year of change. America is going through tremendous political, economic and social changes. This is a time to pray for our leaders and work towards seeing God’s churches flourish through the exaltation of Christ and His Word.

It is also going to be a year of change for the Tomlinsons. Gayle and I are in the process of wrapping up deputation and moving to Southern China from where we will administer our ministry across Asia. We have our tickets purchased for departure on April 4, 2017, and I have already begun scheduling meetings in Asia designed to further the objectives of Barnabas1040.

We are ready to expand! We are actively seeking national evangelists that we can work with to get the gospel to the most unreached and unengaged people groups. We are currently planting churches in 8 Countries, through 17 national families. Each week I receive reports of people being saved and baptized in places that are difficult, if not impossible, for foreign missionaries to preach.

One of the most fruitful areas for our ministry right now is Vietnam. After decades of war, killing and communist oppression there is a void in the hearts of people that is being filled by the Lord Jesus Christ. He is working in the cities as well as the villages calling people to Himself through the faithful labors of His people. At Barnabas1040 we are privileged to support dedicated national pastors and their families as they seek to reach their own people for Christ. It is true that in most of the countries we work, foreign missionaries are banned, but “the word of God is not bound,” (2 Timothy 2:9) and it is going forth in power across the 10/40 Window.






I am excited about what God is doing through our workers in the Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Communist countries of the 10/40 Window, but I am not satisfied. There are still billions of people who are waiting to hear the gospel in their own language. There is only one thing worse than being lost, and that is to be lost with no one searching for you. That is why we are moving to China where we can be closer to the people and areas we are trying to reach. Thank you for helping us search for the lost!

Dwight Tomlinson                                                                                                                     Barnabas1040

Dear Friends,
Just over a year ago we were supporting 2 national church planters in 2 countries. Today we are supporting 18 couples in 8 countries. By God’s grace we are now operating in China, Laos, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. It is still just a beginning, but I am encouraged by the words of the prophet Zechariah:
“For who hath despised the day of small things? For they shall rejoice..they are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth.” Zechariah 4:10
Each of these couples are working among their own people where they already know the language and culture. They are all laboring in areas that are between 95-98% unreached with the gospel. Most of them have suffered some type of persecution for the faith. I am truly humbled that the Lord allows us to help these dear servants of God plant self supporting churches among their own people. Every week we receive word of people from Communist, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim backgrounds coming to faith in Jesus Christ! This could not be happening without your prayers and financial support.
Please pray as we are continually seeking to expand into new unreached areas and people groups. Our ministry only supports people who have been properly vetted and are willing to be held accountable. The people we are supporting are genuinely making a difference in their countries.
Our latest national pastor in a restricted access nation
Gayle and I spent the summer in China. From there I was able to teach and preach, not only in China but in Vietnam and the Philippines. While we were in China, we decided that it would be best to sell our house in California and move to Asia where we would have greater access to the countries of the 10/40 Window. We listed our home and it sold in three days! We got rid of everything we could and then managed to pack the remainder into a 5×10 storage shed and in the back of our Ford Edge.
From condo to car
We plan to spend the next 5 months raising personal support which will enable us to live and work in China. We will then move to a large city in Southern China where we will help plant house churches while continuing to expand the Barnabas1040 ministry into the surrounding countries. Our daughter and her husband are already there studying the language, making contacts and laying the foundation for Team China. The target date is April of 2017 to make the move.
The area in which we hope to plant the first church
* Pray for our missionaries and nationals in restricted access nations. Pray for courage, boldness and wisdom as they walk with Jesus in hard places. Pray for their protection, but mainly for their bold witness for Christ to result in many being saved.
* Pray for Gayle and I as we spend the next few months raising personal support. We do not receive a salary from Barnabas1040, therefore we need to raise financial support in order to set up headquarters in Southern China where we hope to win and train Chinese men while continuing to expand the Barnabas1040 ministry into other Asian countries.
* Pray for Team China. There are many obstacles to working in a restricted access nation, not the least of which, is the tenuous visa situation. In the past few months several long term workers have had to leave the country as a result of government crackdowns. These workers genuinely need prayer.
In closing, I want to say once again how thankful Gayle and I are to be able to represent you in the 10/40 Window. Together we are targeting the least engaged countries of our world. Many of these precious people would literally have no hope were it not for the fact that people like you are praying and giving so that someone can go to try and reach them. We thank you on their behalf.


Gayle and I have had a Heaven-blessed 3 months in hot, humid Asia. By God’s grace we personally saw people saved in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines. If we add in the Barnabas1040 national pastors we support, the countries expand to Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Cambodia! Together by God’s grace we are making a difference in this spiritually dark part of the world.

In addition to my preaching and teaching schedule, we added three national pastors in Vietnam, and one more in Cambodia. Our home church also financed the building of a village church in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The building was paid for through the VBS offering of Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, California.

man-sannMan & Kahna – Cambodia

mcphilPreaching a Missions Conference in the Philippines

500philpastorsPastors & Workers Meeting in the Philippines

vnchbldg2 vnchbldg

Church Building in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Preaching in a House Church in China


I am excited about the doors the Lord is opening in the 10/40 Window. Recently I corresponded with an IB missionary requesting help for 3 national Burmese pastors. I am praying that we will be able to expand into that part of the 10/40 Window within the next few weeks after we have successfully vetted these men.

Please pray for Gayle and I as we return to the USA for our final 7 months of deputation. We listed our house for sale while we were here in Asia and it sold within 3 days of being on the market. Our plan is to move to Southern China in April of 2017 where we will base the Barnabas1040 ministry.

In addition to continually expanding the church planting ministry through nationals, we are hoping to personally start IB churches across the Chinese city where we will be living. This city has 20 million people; the vast majority of whom have never heard how to be saved.

In August, we were pleased to welcome our daughter and her husband along with their 3 young children at the airport as they moved to China to begin their ministry. Please pray for the Lindquist family.

team-chinaPray For Team China

Finally, I want to ask for your prayers for Gayle and I as we wrap up our remaining time of deputation. On January 29th, 2017, we will celebrate 45 years of marriage. You can imagine the emotions of selling our home, parting with 45 years of memories and possessions and starting over in a new country, culture and language in our mid 60’s. We are so humbled and thankful that the Lord would graciously allow us to labor in what we believe will be the greatest ministry endeavor of our lives!


I am writing this update just a few days before our departure for Southeast Asia. Gayle and I will be spending the Summer months in China, Vietnam and the Philippines vetting and training national workers.  It is my expectation that we will be adding several new national church planters as a result of our labors during the next 3 months in Asia.

During the month of May we added new church planters in both Indonesia and Communist Laos. I am especially excited about these men as they are serving in areas that are in great need of the gospel. Indonesia is the largest muslim nation in the world and Laos has very little gospel witness. The national pastors and evangelists we are supporting are able to reach into unreached people groups that would be very difficult for foreign missionaries to connect with. These men already speak the language, understand the culture and can live and work among their own people without drawing the attention of a hostile government.

Please pray for courage, boldness and protection for these precious families that are facing danger each and every day. Every man that we support is serving in a difficult and restricted area. We are attempting to come alongside our brethren in dangerous places and help them punch holes in the darkness.

I believe the Lord is pleased when we stand with His persecuted children in prayerful and financial support. Gayle and I are humbled each and every time we meet with them for Bible teaching, encouragement and worship. We covet your prayers for us and for them.


Underground Church Service


Indonesian Pastor


Our next few updates will be sent from somewhere in the 10/40 Window. Please join us in prayer as we prepare for our move to China in early 2017. Headquartering in China will enable us to personally start a church in Southern China as well as expand the ministry of Barnabas1040. These two ministries will be our main focus.

God bless you and thank you for standing with us in this ministry!

Dwight Tomlinson

                       “The only thing worse than being lost is being lost with no one looking for you.” 



April was a busy month as we traveled over 3,500 miles preaching in churches all along the West Coast. I presented the Barnabas1040 ministry in 10 churches, 5 of which committed to begin support immediately. The other 5 churches were very positive, and I left hopeful that we will soon have the opportunity to labor together to present Christ to the world’s most unreached and unengaged peoples.

“Not boasting of…other men’s labours; but having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly…” 2 Corinthians 10:15


By God’s grace and through your giving we were able to make significant advances into Satan’s territory through our national church planters. In April we added couples in Indonesia, China and Laos. Each pastor we add lives on the same economic level as those he is reaching and works under the guidance of an IB missionary in the country.

People were saved, baptized and added to local churches in China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, India and Thailand. In a few weeks I will be meeting with home church planters in China, Vietnam and the Philippines for the purpose of training and vetting new pastors that we can add to our growing family of nationals reaching their own people for Christ.


As Gayle and I travel, we use the time to study Mandarin on CD. Many of you know that 30 years ago we lived in Hong Kong and studied Cantonese. Please pray for us as we attempt to make the switch to Mandarin in preparation for our move to China in April of 2017.


The month of May we are scheduled to present the ministry at several churches in Southern California. Our prayer is always that Christ will be exalted, God’s people will be edified and we will be allowed to partner with new churches to evangelize the nations. June will take us briefly to Oregon and then to Asia where we will spend the summer ministering in at least 3 Asian countries. If you would be interested in having us in to your church, I have a few open dates from September of 2016 through March of 2017.


As a person who was privileged to serve as a local church pastor for several decades, I know that it is important to have a good understanding of the financial policies of the missions projects supported by the church. Barnabas1040 is a local church ministry operating under the authority of Liberty Baptist Church of Newport Beach, California. Our books are handled by the same bookkeeping staff as the church and are accountable to the pastor and deacons. Gayle and I do not receive a salary or support from Barnabas1040 unless the donations are designated as “personal support.” All undesignated money sent to Barnabas1040 is used for furthering the work of church planting among the least evangelized countries located in the 10/40 Window. We only support nationals through Independent Baptist missionaries who are able to provide accountability and mentoring to those we support financially.


Thank you for your prayers and financial support. We love you and are honored to partner with you in reaching the most un-evangelized people groups in the world today. Please continue to pray for safety, health and above all, God’s blessings upon those who are attempting to penetrate the spiritual darkness of the 4 billion people who live in the 10/40 Window.

Dr. Dwight Tomlinson