Summer in Asia

September 18, 2016


Gayle and I have had a Heaven-blessed 3 months in hot, humid Asia. By God’s grace we personally saw people saved in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines. If we add in the Barnabas1040 national pastors we support, the countries expand to Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Cambodia! Together by God’s grace we are making a difference in this spiritually dark part of the world.

In addition to my preaching and teaching schedule, we added three national pastors in Vietnam, and one more in Cambodia. Our home church also financed the building of a village church in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The building was paid for through the VBS offering of Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, California.

man-sannMan & Kahna – Cambodia

mcphilPreaching a Missions Conference in the Philippines

500philpastorsPastors & Workers Meeting in the Philippines

vnchbldg2 vnchbldg

Church Building in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Preaching in a House Church in China


I am excited about the doors the Lord is opening in the 10/40 Window. Recently I corresponded with an IB missionary requesting help for 3 national Burmese pastors. I am praying that we will be able to expand into that part of the 10/40 Window within the next few weeks after we have successfully vetted these men.

Please pray for Gayle and I as we return to the USA for our final 7 months of deputation. We listed our house for sale while we were here in Asia and it sold within 3 days of being on the market. Our plan is to move to Southern China in April of 2017 where we will base the Barnabas1040 ministry.

In addition to continually expanding the church planting ministry through nationals, we are hoping to personally start IB churches across the Chinese city where we will be living. This city has 20 million people; the vast majority of whom have never heard how to be saved.

In August, we were pleased to welcome our daughter and her husband along with their 3 young children at the airport as they moved to China to begin their ministry. Please pray for the Lindquist family.

team-chinaPray For Team China

Finally, I want to ask for your prayers for Gayle and I as we wrap up our remaining time of deputation. On January 29th, 2017, we will celebrate 45 years of marriage. You can imagine the emotions of selling our home, parting with 45 years of memories and possessions and starting over in a new country, culture and language in our mid 60’s. We are so humbled and thankful that the Lord would graciously allow us to labor in what we believe will be the greatest ministry endeavor of our lives!

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