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Dr. Dwight Tomlinson and his wife, Gayle

Pastor-CambodiaDr. Dwight Tomlinson is the founder and director of Barnabas1040. He works in conjunction with a group of Independent Baptist pastors and missionaries, bringing together resources that are used to further the Gospel in the least evangelized countries in the world.

Dwight and Gayle Tomlinson have started three churches; one in Hong Kong, China, and two in America. From 1990 to September of 2015, Dr. Tomlinson served as the Senior Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, California for 25 years. During that time he made more than 25 trips to various countries in the 10/40 Window preaching in local churches and encouraging national pastors as well as missionaries. Not only does he have a burden for the great unreached masses of the 10/40 Window, but he also has missionary contacts through which he works to get help to those who are on the ground reaching their own people with the Gospel.

The Tomlinsons make their home in Southern China which gives them easy access to the various countries of the 10/40 Window.

This area contains some of the poorest as well as the least evangelized countries in the world. All co-operating American pastors and missionaries who work with Barnabas1040 are self-supported so that all monies can be directed to helping those who need it the most.

Dr. Tomlinson works through an advisory council to provide accountability, wisdom and direction in distribution of funds.