1st Quarter Report

April 13, 2020
Dear Friends:

Pandemic Changes:
I am writing this report on Resurrection Sunday weekend. Most of you will not read this until Sunday has come and gone, but be assured that I am praying with you for lasting fruit from your Easter services. 

It was of course an Easter weekend unlike any of us have ever seen. Most services were conducted online but the Word of God is powerful, no matter how it goes forth. I am  thankful that “the word of God is not bound 2 Tim.2:9 Just as the Living Word of God could not not be held hostage by death, so the Written Word of God is not being stopped by the shut downs of Coronavirus.

The same virus that has changed the way we do ministry in America has also affected the rest of the world. All of the 16 different Asian countries Barnabas1040 works in are also under various degrees of mandatory shut down. Almost, if not all, of our churches in large cities are conducting services online. Village churches who do not have internet are meeting by telephone or in small groups of 2 or 3.

1,362 Salvations.190 Baptisms, 16 Countries:

Our numbers have obviously been affected as social distancing and closed churches have made it more difficult to have services, but still our 60 church planters reported 1,362 professions of faith in Christ and 190 people who were able to follow Christ in water baptism. Many of the pastors expressed regret that they are not able to baptize as a result of social distancing orders, but they are taking the time to disciple converts online or by telephone in preparation of when they will be able to resume personal meetings. Keep in mind these men are serving in Restricted Access Nations which are sometimes hostile to their efforts. 
Preparing for Expansion:

While the Coronavirus Pandemic is dangerous and powerful, we know that it will soon be defeated and our world will return to whatever our new normal will look like. Churches will open, people will return, missionaries will hit the deputation trail and those missionaries who have been stranded here in the USA will be able to return to their fields. We look forward to that day!

Here at Barnabas1040 we are looking forward to getting back on the road preaching and presenting our ministry in the USA as well as traveling overseas to work with missionaries, vet nationals and check on the works we are supporting. I am even now in the process of vetting 2 men in Bangladesh that we hope to add to our Missions family soon. 
Canceled Meetings:
In addition to my meetings in the USA, I also had meetings cancelled in the Philippines, China, Hong Kong and the Ukraine during the past 3 months. We are hoping to be back on the road again in May or June when the restrictions are lifted. I have a few Sundays open in July, August and September when we will be on the West Coast if any Pastors would like to have us in to present our ministry. 


As you know we are in the process of building an orphanage in Myanmar and another one in India. 

The one in Myanmar is almost complete. The exterior is complete and the Lord enabled us to send $10,000.00 last week to begin the interior. I am very proud of the fact that the bulk of the money we just sent was given by God’s people in an underground church in one of our Restricted Access Nations. This particular underground church was not started or funded by Barnabas1040. It was started by an American Missionary and the church is completely indigenous. Praise God for what He is doing around the world through missions and missionaries!

Please continue to pray for the orphanage in Northern India ministering to children along the Indian and Myanmar boarder. A church in Washington State and one in California gave enough money to get the orphanage started and we believe God will see it through to completion in His own time. 

Looking Forward:

In closing I would like to take a moment to encourage each one reading this to stand strong in your faith, trusting God for protection, provision and power as you follow Jesus one day at a time. Stay faithful to your church, continue to tithe and give over and above the tithe to the missions program as you are able. If your income has decreased you may not be able to give as much as before but remember that it never was about the size of your offering, but the size of your heart. God is not stressed or worried by the pandemic and neither should we be. Just be faithful, continue to pray and give as you are able and someday we will look back at this time and realize that God was there with us every step of the way. You can trust Him. He is always good!

Gayle and I love you and we thank you for allowing us to partner with you to show the love and grace of Christ to people who have the least access to the gospel. 

Together we are making a difference.

God bless you,

Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson
USA Cell: (949) 880-9415

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