2nd Quarter Report

July 28, 2020
Dear Friends,
As I mentioned in my last letter the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected our churches not only here in America but around the world. One of the things I love about the ministry of Barnabas1040 is that although we work closely with foreign missionaries, the men and women we support are not dependent upon the physical presence of foreigners to do ministry. The virus has caused many of our missionaries to temporarily leave the field, but their work continues through those left behind. 
The last 3 months have given our 60+ pastors in 16 different countries the opportunity to put their faith and skills to the test. Many if not most of them have been without foreign guidance yet they continue to faithfully serve just as we would hope.
The reported numbers are significantly lower due to government restrictions, but we still had 
503 professions of faith in Christ and 123 who were baptized. 
All of those converts were placing their safety at risk by becoming followers of Jesus. Baptism is especially challenging as it often brings family, religious and governmental persecution. The shutdown made it even more risky than normal to travel to a baptismal spot without being detected. Please pray for your brothers and sisters around the world, the vast majority of whom know nothing of the freedoms that we enjoy.
The Children’s Homes in both Myanmar and India are progressing well. In addition to the two orphanages, Barnabas1040 was able to help with food and medical relief through IB missionaries in Chile, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines. 
Thank you to those who gave special offerings to help in this way. The spiritual, emotional and physical needs of hurting people are increased during these difficult times. Acts of compassion often open the doors to the hearts of people who need Jesus. 
By God’s grace we have seen this ministry grow in less than 5 years to the point where we are currently supporting more than 60 church planters, and several gospel projects across Asia and Africa. I am extremely grateful and humbled by all He has done, but I believe He wants to do much more. 
Therefore I am reaching out to my Pastor and Missionary friends for help in identifying and vetting more national pastors that we can come alongside.
Pastors, Missionaries, if you have men that are doctrinally sound, soul-winners who love God and need financial help in advancing their ministry, please contact me at my secure email address and we can start the verification and approval process of getting those men some help. Barnabas1040 is a ministry of helps. We want to serve you as you serve others. 
We prioritize those countries that have the least access to the gospel, and are currently supporting men in 14 Asian and 2 African Countries. If you are a pastor or missionary and would like to recommend someone that needs financial help planting a church in a restricted access nation, please write to me at my secure email address “Dtomlinson1040@protonmail.com.”  You can also call me at 949-880-9415. I would love to partner with you to help get more people saved and discipled for the glory of God.
* Please pray for a great latter-day revival in our world. There has never been a greater need or opportunity for revival than today.
* Please pray for Pastors in America as they attempt to navigate these unchartered political and social waters. Men of God need the prayers and support of God’s people. 
* Please pray for God’s people everywhere to follow the Biblical formula for national healing as laid out in 2nd Chronicles 7:14. 
* Please pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Pray for protection, provision and a passion for knowing Christ in all His power and glory. 
* Please pray that the Lord will bring me into contact with those who need our help in church planting in Restricted Access Nations. 
God bless you,

Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson
USA Cell: (949) 880-9415

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william henderson
October 26, 2020 8:14 pm

Good to hear how well your doin and feeling better, my daughter is finishing nursing program at P.C. this year.Excited about your ministry, will be praying!


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