A New Year With New Opportunities

January 25, 2020
Dear Friends,
2020 is upon us and I am excited about the great opportunities that come with the New Year. My hope and expectation is that this will be the year of His coming, but our Lord has made it clear that we are to be busy about His work while we wait His appearing.
I want to begin with a quick report of what the Lord allowed us to do together in 2019. By God’s grace we saw the Lord continually advance the ministry.
Looking Back:
* In 2019, we added 6 new countries to the places where we are helping to plant churches: 
We added Mali, Senegal, Myanmar, Egypt, Iraq and the Philippines. That brings us to 16 different Restricted Access Nations where we are serving.
In 2019 our National Pastors reported 3,802 professions of faith in Christ and 749 baptisms. 
That means an average of 10 people were saved and 2 were baptized every day of the year. 
* In 2019 we invested over $40,000.00 in special projects in addition to the regular monthly support of our 57 church planters. 
These projects included an orphanage in Myanmar, a dormitory in Thailand, a church building in Cambodia and a Training Center in Laos. 
Some of you will remember the tragic Easter bombings in Sri Lanka when 357 people were killed and over 500 were wounded. We were able to assist a missionary friend in providing relief aid as well as a Gospel witness in Sri Lanka. 
We were also able to help with relief efforts for refugees in Egypt. Our contact in Egypt has asked that we not use his name.
2019 was an amazing year but I am expecting God to do even greater things in 2020! In an attempt not to make this email too long, let me just list a few things that are already planned.
Looking Forward:
* 2020 began with a strategic decision to adjust our annual schedule. 
We will spend several months in North America raising more support for new church planters. The goal is for our ministry to enter new countries while simultaneously increasing the number of men we support in the existing countries. 
* In 2020 we plan to continue to personally minister in Asia. 
We already have meetings scheduled in the Philippines, China, and the Ukraine. 
In addition to the meetings already on the calendar we have invitations to Vietnam, Bangladesh, Africa, Laos, and India that we are attempting to work into our schedule.
* In 2020 we have set aside some dates to present the Barnabas1040 ministry in North America.
Pastors, if you would like to discuss having us in, please respond to this email or call me at the number listed below.
In closing I want to say a sincere thank you to all those who support this ministry either prayerfully or financially. Gayle and I know that we could not do what we do without you. We love you and are truly humbled that the Lord allows us to partner together. 
Prayer Requests:
* Pray first and foremost for the national pastors. Pray for their walk with God and His protection and power. 
* Pray for the in-country missionaries whom we work with. They help us to identify, vet, mentor, and deliver finances to the national pastors. The missionaries are a vital link in the supply chain. 
* Pray for Gayle and I as we present the ministry in North American churches as well as travel to the 10/40 region.
* Pray for the orphanage that we have just begun to build in Northern India. They have broken ground and are well into the first phase. 
*Pray for the completion of the orphanage that is being built in Yangon, Myanmar. We are thankful for those who have sacrificially given to finance this project. 
* Pray that in 2020 we will be able to double our church planters from the current 57 families to 100 or more.
God bless you!
Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson
Email: ran1040me@gmail.com 
USA Cell: (949) 880-9415
China Cell: 086-1521-888-1511

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Awesome report!

Allen and Ann
January 26, 2020 2:07 pm

I want you to know that I pray for you on a weekly basis, usually right before I head over to the church on Lord’s Days’ mornings.
Your cousin,
Allen Tomlinson

Chris Lewis
April 7, 2020 1:08 am

Praying for you both, and those pastors in the strongly affected Covid19 regions. It’s good hear that “His truth is marching on.”


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