April 2024 Update

April 30, 2024

Dear Friends,

A lot has transpired since our March report. I look forward to bringing you up to date on what the Lord is doing in this newsletter. The first 3 weeks of April, Gayle and I were in Hong Kong, China where I was able to preach, teach and have several meetings with our Chinese, Filipino and American friends and coworkers. During those services, we saw at least 25 adults make a salvation decision and 5 that were baptized while we were in Hong Kong. The others are being discipled concerning their next steps and growth in Christ. 

Gayle and I were also blessed to be reunited with the first people we ever saw saved and baptized in SE Asia. Almost 40 years ago we served as missionaries for a few years in Hong Kong. The first person we saw saved and baptized was a young lady who taught in the language school we attended in 1985. When she found out we were in the area she arranged a dinner with the first members of the church that began in our home. All of these people were saved at the Bible Baptist Church in the first year of its existence. What a moving experience to see them again and hear the stories of how God has worked in their lives. 

The current pastor of Bible Baptist Church (also in the photos below) has invited us to return next year to participate in their 40th anniversary service.

In addition to the great things God is doing in Hong Kong I am happy to report that our outreach continues to expand in other parts of Asia. In May we will be adding 2 new partners in a restricted access nation. This particular nation is primarily Buddhist and is ranked number 21 on the list of the 50 Countries with the most extreme persecution of Christians. The addition of these two men will increase our influence now to 14 nationals in this difficult and dangerous country. 

Barnabas1040’s 100+ national pastors in 20 different countries are collectively reporting an average of 25 people saved every day. This could not happen without the prayers and support of churches and individuals across America. Thank you for helping to spread the gospel in some of the most needy places on earth! 

God Bless You, 

Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson

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Christopher Lewis
April 30, 2024 6:48 pm

Praise The LORD!1


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