Asia Trip Report

August 26, 2022

A few days ago I returned from my first Asian trip since the shutdowns triggered by the Covid virus. It was great to be back among people I have grown to love and also to meet new nationals that we hope to partner with through Barnabas1040.

Thailand and Laos Conference:

My trip began with a flight to UdonThani, Thailand where approximately 200 national workers assembled for 4 days of prayer, teaching, and preaching. The meeting was held close to the border of Thailand and Laos so that our Laotian brothers and sisters could attend without fear of harassment.

I was honored to preach twice during the conference as well as blessed to hear several messages from local pastors. Of course I did not have a clue what they were saying, but it was still good to know they were preaching the truths of God’s Word!

It was good to meet up with some faithful missionary friends that I have not seen for a long time. 

I also rejoice that I was able to vet and commit financial support to a new church planter in Thailand. Please pray for Pastor Pran and the Baan Wai Baptist Church.


The bulk of my time in Asia was spent in Vietnam. It is truly inspiring to see how God is working through his people there. There are very few foreign gospel workers but souls are being saved every day all over that beautiful country. 

I don’t think it wise to name the various cities and villages I visited, but I do want to say that everywhere I went, I met men and women with a great love and dedication to Christ. 

I spoke in Bible Institutes, local churches and home gatherings. The surroundings varied but the spirit was consistent. Most of the people I met with were young, but all of them have a clear understanding of what it might cost them to be followers of Jesus. My heart was truly moved by their stories. Some of them told me of watching their fathers endure multiple imprisonments. One told me of seeing his father killed and his body thrown in the river. My love and admiration for these dear people grows deeper each time I have the opportunity to be with them. 

There is a great opportunity and need for foreign workers to go to Vietnam, but only if one is humble enough to work in the shadows as a servant to the local people.

There are several local men that we could take on for support right now in Vietnam. Please contact me if you are a pastor wanting to help meet this need. Barnabas1040 is supporting around 30 church planters in Vietnam now, but we could increase that number if God touches your heart.

Personal Prayer Request

My wife will be having total shoulder replacement surgery this coming Monday, August 29th. I would appreciate very much if our friends would pray for her. 

In closing I want to say once again how thankful we are for every pastor, church and Individual that partners with us through prayer or finances. We know that we could not do what we do without you.

A few weeks from now will mark 7 years since we began this ministry not knowing what God would do with it. I am amazed at how gracious God has been to allow us to now support well over 100 church planters in 20 different countries. Thousands of people are being saved and baptized each year. 

None of this could have happened without God’s blessing and your partnership. 

God Bless You!

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