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Opportunities Knock

Dear Friends, Summer has arrived in Southern China, but by the grace of God it is not only the weather that is “heating up.”  Gayle and I moved to China 14 months ago and I am amazed at how many

One Year Anniversary

Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry, I am sending you this update on the 1 year anniversary of arriving in China where Gayle and I now make our home. We arrived in China on April 6, 2017.  As I look

Expanding Into Bangladesh

Dear Partners in Ministry, The Year of the Dog: We are in the middle of Chinese New Year as I write these words. It is difficult to explain how important this holiday is in the world’s most populous country. It

2017 Update & Vision for 2018

Dear Friends and Co-workers, I am writing this update in the final days of the year 2017. Gayle and I pray that each of you will have a Heaven-blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year! God truly did some amazing

Barnabas1040 Enters Into Pakistan!

Dear Friends, I am writing this update just a few hours before boarding a flight back to China. The Lord has blessed our brief 2 months in the States with souls saved here and abroad. Gayle and I were in

Awesome August

Dear Friends, August was an incredible month that could perhaps even be called “Awesome”! I wanted to give you a brief report of some of the highlights of “Awesome August.”  I had the privilege to preach in Hong Kong, Indonesia

Imprisoned For The Faith

Dear Friends, EXPANDING INTO BURMA: A few weeks ago my wife and I were able to make a trip into Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand for the purpose of expanding the Barnabas1040 ministry of church planting. I was able to

April In Asia

  30 days ago my wife and I arrived in Asia. This morning in my Bible reading I read these words: “Thou hast dealt well with thy servant, O LORD, according unto thy word.” Psalm 119:65. That is certainly how we are

New Year Update

  2017 is destined to be a year of change. America is going through tremendous political, economic and social changes. This is a time to pray for our leaders and work towards seeing God’s churches flourish through the exaltation of

November News

MINISTRY UPDATE:  BARNABAS1040 NOW OPERATING IN 8 NATIONS IN THE 10/40 WINDOW   Dear Friends, Just over a year ago we were supporting 2 national church planters in 2 countries. Today we are supporting 18 couples in 8 countries. By