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February 2015 Update

Dear friends, In our last update I mentioned that we were considering support for national pastor’s in both Thailand and Cambodia. I am happy to announce that we have taken on a pastor in North East Thailand. His name is

December 2014 Update

Dear friends, This will be the last update of 2014. My prayer is that each one reading this will look back at Christmas 2014 as a special time filled with the love of family, church, and worship of our Saviour.

Fall 2014 Update

Dear friends, As we approach the Thanksgiving season one of the things that I am rejoicing over is the fact that we have the privilege of seeing people come to Christ in the restricted access nations where we are partnering

August 2014 Update

August was a busy month with a trip to Hong Kong where I was able to meet with underground Church Pastors from communist China as well as a trip to the Philippines to preach at a World Missions Conference. Below

July 2014 Update

Barnabas1040 is about to launch it’s first Church Planting effort! We have chosen a limited access, communist country in S.E. Asia to begin our first church started by a National. The young couple we will be supporting live in a