Dealing With Storms

September 20, 2018

Dear Friends,

Church Planting Conference:

As you read this letter my wife and I will be traveling from the “Restricted Access Nation” (RAN) where we live to another RAN located in S.E. Asia where we support several national church planters. We will be conducting training for pastors and their wives. My wife will speak to the ladies three times and I will speak ten times to the men or combined groups. Please keep this meeting in your prayers. The last time I was in this particular country we were harassed by the local police.

One of our pastors wrote me recently that the people were fasting and praying daily for three requests as we come: Power, Protection and Provision. Please join us in prayer that all three of these would be provided.

Typhoon MangKhut:

Super Typhoon Mangkhut passed through our city last night as it moved with devastating force through the Philippines, Hong Kong and Southern China. The effects were especially devastating in the Philippines. Please pray for the families who lost loved ones due to the deadly storm. Barnabas1040 supports several of the pastors that were affected by this typhoon.

Flooding in India and Laos:

In addition to the church planters that we support on a monthly basis in Laos and India, we were able to invest an additional $9,000 in providing food, water and medical supplies to some of the hardest hit villages. Laos saw at least 20 people killed and hundreds left homeless after the collapse of a dam in the South East. One of the pastors we support lost his home, and his crops were destroyed. We were able to help he and his dear wife.

India has been devastated with hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands more left homeless through torrential rains. We were able to provide finances for Dr. John Paul Moses and his team to provide medical help.

Storm Clouds at Home:

Many of you are aware that China is enforcing new religious regulations that are making it increasingly difficult for Christians. Many of God’s people in cities large and small have been impacted by this. I want to be discreet, but we are definitely asking for prayer for all of God’s people across this great nation. We know that He is in control and we are trusting that all things will work for His glory and our good. My wife and I have not yet had any negative impact, but our daughter and family are currently in need of a miracle to be able to remain in the country. The Lord knows the details, but I would like to ask you to make this an urgent matter of prayer. They have less than 60 days to find a way to remain in the country.

Gayle and I know that we could not do what we do without the faithful partners that stand with us in prayer and finances. The part of the world we have the privilege of serving is almost 100% “restricted access”.

There may be some parts of the world where money alone is the solution; but not where we live and work. Right now, we are in contact with several godly people who have storms that money cannot solve. They don’t need money, they need miracles!

So in closing, I want to say thank you for giving; but even more so, thank you for praying!

Dwight &  Gayle Tomlinson
China Phone: 086-1521-888-1511
U.S. Office @ Liberty Baptist Church: (949) 760-5444

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