December 2022 Update

December 14, 2022

Gayle and I want to begin by wishing a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. We trust that as you gather with family and friends to remember the birth of our Saviour you will be able to lay aside any stress or problems you might be facing, and bask in the wonderful truth that God sent His Son to earth that we might have everlasting life!

Family and Ministry News:
We have been busy since last month’s report with both enjoying the holidays and continuing the ministry of Barnabas1040. We celebrated Thanksgiving with some of our family in Texas and are planning Christmas with some of our family in Washington State.

We have also been busy presenting our ministry to churches and trying to be a help to God’s people in the area of understanding the great needs and opportunities that our churches have in the area of Missions.

In the few weeks since our November letter I was privileged to preach in Mission Conferences in Virginia, Oklahoma, Florida and California.

December and January we will be in Washington State.

Unwrapping Christmas:
Many in the 1040 region are ignorant of the true meaning of Christmas. This month bright lights may shine around the cities, but in most areas in the 1040 Window, “Christmas” is an American and European holiday with no meaning. Buddhism, Communism, Hinduism that is so prevalent in these countries, have no message of the birth of a Savior. For this reason many of our national pastors are having special activities to explain this light of the gospel to the people in their cities. Their own people also are getting involved with explaining the Christmas message to friends and family.

Food Evangelism:
One of the many difficulties caused by the Covid lockdowns was a massive decrease in access to food in many poor and developing countries. Prior to Covid millions of people were living literally day to day. When the draconian government shutdowns were imposed with little or no assistance many families faced starvation.

The Lord stirred the hearts of his people and a new method of soul winning was born. “Food evangelism” began to pop up across the 1040 region where national pastors and local church members began to reach out to help people regardless of their religion. Our ministry has been able to help some of the missionaries and pastors that are using this method to show the love of Christ while bringing relief and the gospel to the poor. It is amazing how showing compassion has been used to soften hearts toward the one true God.

We have sent relief funds to be used in this way to missionaries in a handful of countries the past 3 months. I will share with you just one report that I received this week. These are the year to date totals from only one country where people were literally starving. Our workers had to be very careful in obtaining and delivering food. At the time they began this ministry they could have been imprisoned for simply being on the street during the mandatory quarantine. Here is the report I just received:

Food Evangelism Year to Date:
– 1,620 food packages given
– Apx 4,860 people fed
– 261 people received Christ as Savior so far.

Closing Thoughts:
God has raised up dozens of Pastors as well as hundreds of individuals who pray for and partner with us in our efforts to help take the gospel to some of the most dangerous and difficult parts of the world. We are extremely grateful to all of you who stand with us in prayer or financial support. We know that we could not do what we do without you. We love you and thank God for your partnership.

God Bless You, and Merry Christmas!

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Praising God for this ministry.Enjoy learning about all the wonderful Ministries supported by 1040 .


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