December Update

December 15, 2019
Dear Friends,
As you read this report, Gayle and I will be in the air somewhere between Los Angeles, CA and Guangzhou, China. I wanted to get out a quick report of some of the things that have been happening since my last email and also solicit your prayers as we head back to China for two weeks of meetings.
As you know, our ministry requires a presence both in the USA and Asia. On this side of the world, we are raising finances, prayer support and workers for the ever expanding ministry in Asia. In November and December I was privileged to preach in churches in Florida, California, Washington, Ohio and West Virginia. In addition to the various local church services, I also had the opportunity to preach three different Men’s Meetings in three different states. What an encouragement to see hundreds of men meet together to be challenged to love and serve God in their local churches!

I am also thankful that several of the churches have either already begun to partner with Barnabas1040 or are planning to do so in 2020. I consider it a great honor to be able to represent these pastors and churches in some of the neediest countries on earth. Without new churches partnering with us, we could not expand. Each new supporting church translates into a new church plant that we can help somewhere in the 1040 region. 


Barnabas1040 supports 57 national church planters in 16 different Restricted Access Nations (RAN). That means that the ministry is going on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day somewhere in the world. Each week our national pastors are reporting people being saved somewhere across the 1040 Window. The men we support do not operate in a vacuum: they are all connected to a missionary in their country. God has allowed me to work with godly co-workers who are able to represent Barnabas1040 when I am not able to be there in person. Two examples of this cooperation took place in November in the country of Myanmar where we support at least 8 church planters.  
Workers Training: 
My friend and coworker, Johnny Esposito, was able to travel to Myanmar from another RAN to represent me in a Pastors and Workers Conference. He and our Myanmar coworker, Paul, spent several days preaching and teaching on Discipleship; both what it means to be one, and how to have a disciple-reproducing ministry. I have already heard from some of our men in Burma of the great impact Brother Esposito was able to make there. 
God has also allowed us to raise the money to build a larger facility for the small children’s home. This will enable them to relocate to a brand new property and structure that will totally transform the home. The new building is many times larger than the small one the children are currently in. It will provide housing, classrooms, kitchen, a church facility and the ability to greatly expand the ministry. There is ample room for gardening and farming on the property to help the home become self sustainable. 
I want to thank Brother Tom Chapman, another coworker who also lives in a RAN.  I am privileged to have men like Tom and Johnny who are partnering with us at Barnabas1040. Brother Chapman was able to make a trip for me to Myanmar to check on the orphanage and help plan the next phase of building. Brother Chapman will be crucial in overseeing the distributing of the remaining funds to complete the new building.
We also, just this week, were able to begin the first phase of an orphanage in Northern India. Thank you to Pastor Morris Henriquez and the Bay Area Baptist Church for providing the funding to begin building. Pastor Mike Kinney at the Temple Baptist Church in Lacy, Washington, is designating their annual Christmas offering to this project as well.  If you also would like to help with this ministry, please let me know.
In closing, I want to say thank you to all who pray for and financially support Barnabas1040. The pastors we help, along with their families and congregations, represent well over 1,000 people that are being directly impacted through your prayers and giving. This is a very conservative estimate when you consider that each week I hear of people being saved and baptized in one or more of the 16 countries we are working in. Not all, but many of the churches we plant are located in very difficult areas where they cannot legally operate in the open.  Only God knows the true impact that we are making together by His grace. 
Gayle and I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
God Bless You,
Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson
Cell: (949) 880-9415
China Cell: 086-1521-888-1511

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