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September 28, 2022

Personal Details:

In last month’s letter I mentioned that my wife would be having Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery. The surgery was successful and she is gradually regaining the use of her right arm, although we are told It will be a few months before she has complete mobility. Some of you sent texts, emails flowers or calls expressing your concern. Gayle asked me to express her thanks for your love, prayers and encouragement!

Ministry Related Details:

I was not able to travel during the month of September, but this gave me an opportunity to focus on making contact with our missionaries and pastors in Asia and Africa. This was very helpful in gaining insight into victories, disappointments, needs and how we could better serve them.

This communication time also helped me see a few things that we needed to change in order to stay focused on church planting, worker accountability and wise stewardship. The Lord also allowed us to vet and make commitments to helping 5 new pastors in Vietnam, 2 in the Philippines and 1 in Bangladesh. September was a needed and profitable time, but we are both looking forward to getting back on the road in October.


I thought it might be interesting to our ministry partners to see where you are helping to take the gospel message. We are currently engaged in 20 countries. Rather than list each country individually, I have placed them into 5 categories based on the majority religion of the people. As you consider these it is good to remember that some of the countries are communist and officially Atheist, and others of them have multiple false religious beliefs depending upon their tribal customs. Most of the places we work have less than 2% of the population that claims biblical Christianity.   

Majority Muslim:   10 Countries – 36 Pastors – 23 languages

Majority Buddhist:  5 Countries – 55 Pastors – 40 Languages

Majority Hindu:     1 Country – 7 Pastors – 7 languages

Majority Animist and Tribal Religions:  2 Countries – 4 men – 3 languages

Majority Catholic:   2 Countries – 5 men – 2 languages

Total:  20 Countries – 107 Pastors – 75 languages* (some of these languages are duplicates due to multiple men reporting, and my inability to know how many villages speak the same language. My conservative estimate would be 50 different languages.)

The Lord is doing some amazing things around the world and it is a great privilege to have a part through Barnabas1040 Missions. We could not do it without the faithful partners that pray for and give towards this ministry. Thank you for helping us serve these servants of God who are laboring in difficult places.

God Bless You,

Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson

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