Financial Policies

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All gifts to Barnabas1040 are tax deductible through Liberty Baptist Church of Newport Beach, California.
All directors and cooperating pastors and missionaries are self-supported so all gifts can be used to advance the work with nationals in the 10/40 Window. No gifts sent to Barbabas1040 are used for staff salaries.
Money is used for either supporting national pastors while they start churches, or to provide for special projects needed to help the local churches.
Pastoral support is sent through a missionary who can verify the national pastor’s integrity, doctrinal purity, and call to the ministry. We support a church planting, national pastor on a scale which provides him the ability to live on the level of the people he is attempting to reach. National pastors and their families in the 10/40 Window can often be supported full time for somewhere between $100.00 and $1,000.00 a month depending upon the country. We encourage the local pastor┬áto become self supporting as quickly as possible, therefore we do not begin support with an open ended policy. Each country and situation is different, but we always have some sort of exit strategy so that the national worker does not stay dependent upon foreign funds indefinitely.
Special projects would include such things as church buildings, translation expenses, Bibles, training, and media projects that can take the Gospel into restricted countries that do not allow missionaries or conventional evangelism.
When a request for funds is received, the need is investigated by the Director of Barnabas1040 by calling or emailing the cooperating missionary in the country. Once the investigation is made, the information is sent to the Advisory Council for a simple majority approval.
Churches or individuals may also designate to specific countries or projects through Barnabas1040.