Growing Pains, Changes, and New Opportunities

May 20, 2019
Growing Pains:
When my wife and I resigned the pastorate in the summer of 2015 to begin Barnabas1040 we had little more than a dream and a conviction. We were convinced that equipping native speakers to reach their own people for Christ was not only biblical, but also the most effective way to impact the world for Christ.
Our ministry structure is simple:
  1. We need someone in the USA presenting the ministry and raising prayer and financial support.
  2. We need someone overseas doing the critical work of vetting the nationals before we send support. 
  3. There must be a missionary/pastor in the host country that can receive and distribute funds as well as insure accountability and mentoring.
In order to birth this ministry we spent 18 months casting the vision primarily to churches on the West Coast. We then moved to China for 2 years where we based while traveling to multiple countries in SE Asia developing a network of missionaries and church planters. 
Today by God’s grace we support 55 national pastors through a network of 16 missionary pastors in 13 different countries reaching Buddhist, Muslims, Hindus and Communist people, most of whom are hearing the gospel for the very first time. Hundreds are being saved and baptized each month. 
Our growing pains are that we now have more opportunities to plant churches then we have monthly financial support. Therefore we must make some logistical and personnel adjustments to see the ministry continue to grow. 
Our plan for 2019 is to divide our time between Asia and America while praying for God to raise up likeminded helpers that will labour with us. If you would like for me to present the ministry to your church in 2019 or 2020, please contact me by email or at 949-880-9415.  
New Church Planting Opportunities:
We have open doors to plant multiple churches right now in India, Egypt and Bangladesh. These are all men that I know personally. I have questioned them concerning their salvation, doctrinal beliefs and current ministry. They are ready and willing to win souls, baptize converts and plant churches in dangerous areas. They speak the language, understand the culture and can go places where foreign missionaries cannot. All they need is a little financial help from their brothers and sisters. 
Would you consider sponsoring one or more of these families? All they need is $100.00 a month each. Any Pastor reading this email could lead your church to plant a church in one of the most unreached parts of the world for about $3.00 a day!
Caring for the most vulnerable:
Our primary focus will always be planting churches among unreached peoples using national pastors. One of the main benefits to Barnabas1040 is that we have eyes and ears on the ground. In my travels I see first hand the incredible needs and opportunities. There are thousands of children who are forcibly taken and sold into human trafficking. There are thousands more whose parents have died or simply cannot afford to care for them.
Praise God that some of our national churches are doing what they can with their meager resources to rescue unwanted children. Several weeks ago I was in Myanmar and visited a home where I met 29 beautiful Burmese children being cared for by one of the Baptist churches that we support. Those precious children live in conditions that no one reading this email would be willing to live in. They have a little rice and a few vegetables to eat daily and once a week they have a little chicken. God raised up a friend of our ministry to help, and now they are building a new building and have been able to greatly improve the amount and quality of food!
Many of the young people go on to do great things for God. Recently I preached in a church that was started by a former orphan raised in a children’s home. Children’s homes are not just rescuing kids from extreme poverty, they are training future spiritual leaders. 
If you would like to sponsor one or more orphans, I can put you in contact with good Christian people who are providing loving homes and a Christian education. There is a great open door in Vietnam right now to help orphans. Please let me know if you would like more information. 
In conclusion I want to let you know how grateful Gayle and I are for all those who pray for and support this ministry. We could not do what we do without your help. Thank you for striving together with us to make Christ known in some of the most spiritually dark areas of our world. By God’s amazing grace we are making a difference together. 
Prayer Requests:
  • Wisdom as we navigate the adjustments necessary for a growing ministry.
  • More churches to sponsor the national pastors that we have waiting for support. 
  • Protection, safety, and power for the more than 50 church planters we are currently helping. 
  • Continued growth. My prayer is that we will soon be sponsoring 100 national church planters. 
  • Protection, safety and open doors as I seek those American churches that God wants us to partner with through Barnabas1040.
God bless you,
Dwight &  Gayle Tomlinson
U.S. Cell: (949) 880-9415 
China Cell: 086-1521-888-1511

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