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Please pray that we might be wise in our selection and execution of projects.  We also ask that you pray for the financial needs of our projects. Pray that God will use the individuals He is calling to Himself in the 1040 window to reach their own people. Barnabas1040 is working with people who have worshipped false gods for centuries. Generation after generation have been held in Satan’s stronghold. He does not release his prisoners easily. Nothing but the power of God through the preaching of Christ crucified and risen again can break the spiritual bondage. We desperately need prayer.

Everyone involved in this ministry serves voluntarily and is self supporting. In that way, every dollar donated to the ministry, benefits a specific project or a church planting missionary.

Your regular support is greatly needed. Your regular gifts help us plan, and it helps us to confidently commit towards supporting nationals on a monthly basis who are planting churches in closed countries.

Your project offerings are also very important. Most of our projects require special sacrificial gifts from believers who the Spirit leads to give an offering. You may designate to specific projects or countries that we are working in as well.

To donate, simply make out a check and mail it to:

Barnabas1040 c/o Liberty Baptist Church
1000 Bison Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92660


If you have any other questions regarding the Barnabas1040 ministry, please email