November 2023 Update

November 27, 2023

Dear Friends,

I pray that this update finds you well. I know that this is a busy time for churches with all of the holiday services, end-of-year activities, and reports. I am praying for all of our partners in ministry that the Lord will give you his grace, strength, and guidance. 

Gayle and I just completed a busy 2 months of travel and missions conferences. I was privileged to preach and represent Barnabas1040 in several new churches as well as report to a few supporting churches. 

I was able to preach in Alabama, California, Washington state, and Oregon for a total of 33 messages in 11 churches. By God’s grace, we saw people saved, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars committed to be given to worldwide missions over the next year. 

At least one new church voted to begin partnering with Barnabas1040 and others seemed interested in getting on board with supporting national pastors in restricted access nations. 

One of the highlights for us was to complete something that has been on our “bucket list” for most of the 51 years of our marriage. We joined the Journeys of Paul Tour with Kurt Skelly and 170 others for an educational trip to Greece and Turkey. It was a wonderful experience to actually be in Athens, Corinth, Philippi, Thessalonica, Ephesus, Berea, and other historical sights. I don’t think a true believer can experience these sites without being humbled and inspired by the dedication and sacrifice of our early forefathers of the Christian faith. They paid an incredible price to follow our Savior. May God give us the grace to walk in their footsteps. 

The last 2 months not only brought opportunities and blessings but ministry challenges as well. Satan is always at work and our ministry is not exempt from his attacks. We have had to deal with some uncomfortable things overseas that came to my attention, but the Lord is already helping us through them. I would appreciate your prayers. 

I will be leaving in a few days for a conference in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand where I will not only have the opportunity to speak but more importantly, I hope to come into contact with national pastors and missionaries that we can help in planting new churches. We are helping well over 100 pastors in 22 different countries and my desire is to see those numbers continue to grow as we attempt to further the Gospel message.

As always I want to conclude by saying a heartfelt thank you to every, pastor, church, and individual who partners with us through prayer and giving. We could not do what we do without you. So far this year our pastors have seen almost 7,000 professions of faith and well over 1,000 new converts baptized into the fellowship of a Bible-believing church. This would not have happened without your help. 

God Bless you!

Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson

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