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August 19, 2019
Dear Friends,
Gayle and I just returned from an incredible month in China, Laos and Hong Kong. By God’s grace we saw well over 50 people make professions of faith in Christ. In addition to these decisions, God moved upon many of His children to make spiritual decisions which we trust will bring much eternal fruit in the future. It was truly one of our most productive months since beginning Barnabas1040 more than four years ago. 
Ministry Praises & Blessings:
I was able to speak in China to the largest crowds ever, and to help in the great work that others are doing in that needy country. By God’s grace there are many who are laboring in China in spite of the challenges they are facing. The persecution is real and yet God has some of His most precious servants, both Chinese and foreigners, that are standing faithful. If you know of anyone who is serving in China please place them at the top of your prayer list! Pray for God’s grace and protection as well as boldness and wisdom in ministering in the world’s most populous country.
From China I traveled to Laos with two co-workers. One American, and one Burmese. We were able to meet with seven of the eight national pastors that we support there. God blessed with at least six salvation decisions. 
The highlight of the trip was participating in a Mission’s Conference with the combined Laotian and Hmong congregations we support. The speakers introduced the Biblical teachings of local church missions. What made the conference so unique was that the speakers were primarily Filipino and Burmese. It was a powerful illustration to have pastors from Third world countries testifying to the blessings of God upon their ministries that comes through biblical obedience and stewardship. These pastors were able to relate to the local people in a way that only a person from Southeast Asia can do. I am confident that God used the speakers to light a fire for world evangelism in our Laotian churches. 
Hong Kong:
My wife and I were able to go from China and Laos to Hong Kong where I preached the 34th Anniversary of the Bible Baptist Church which we started while serving as missionaries in Hong Kong. The congregation is now a Filipino church pastored by a young man who was saved, baptized and trained at the church under the leadership of my dear friend the late Don Stone. Pastor Noveno is doing a wonderful job continuing to build the ministry of that great church. They had 592 in attendance, 52 salvation decisions and 13 baptisms. 
Ministry Opportunities: 
God is doing great things in the 1040 region of the world and I want to let you know of some opportunities for you to help make an eternal difference. 
* Barnabas1040 is helping to build an orphanage in Myanmar which is operated by one of our national ministries in Yangon. The orphanage provides not only a loving home, but Christian education and training. They have a track record of children who grow up to love and serve God in the local churches in Burma.
Through the generosity of one of our supporters in America we were able to send a gift of $10,000.00 to begin the construction of a beautiful new home. It will require an additional $45,000.00 dollars to complete the building. Any money sent to Barnabas1040 and designated to the Hope Children’s Home will be forwarded to them to continue construction. 

* We have an opportunity to take on six new church planters immediately. These men have all been vetted by me and are already serving as church planters. They need financial support but are not waiting for it. They will serve with or without our help which is exactly the type of men I want to support. One of these men is in Laos, three are in Vietnam and two are in the Philippines. 

I am looking for six churches to take on these men for $100.00 each. Pastor, please email or call if you would like to help one or more of these new church plants. My number is 949-880-9415.
Ministry Prayer Requests:
  • Please pray for the Christian workers in China. 
  • Please pray for the people of Hong Kong and peace to return that great city. Pray that many will turn to Christ. 
  • Please pray for the funds to finish construction of the Hope Children’s Home in Yangon, Burma. 
  • Please pray for funding for the six new church planters we are seeking to help.
  • Please pray for God’s power, protection and blessings upon the more than 50 church planters Barnabas1040 is already supporting.
  • Please pray for Gayle and I as we travel and present the ministry here in America for the next few months. 
In conclusion, I want to say thank you once again for all of you who pray for and support this ministry. By God’s grace we are seeing hundreds of people saved each week across the 14 countries our pastors are serving. This could not happen without your partnership. Thank you and God bless you!
Dwight &  Gayle Tomlinson
Cell: (949) 880-9415
China Cell: 086-1521-888-1511

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