Recent Updates

Dear Friends,
The first quarter of the year is not yet over but we have already seen God do some wonderful things. By His grace we are continuing to expand and grow.  
• January We saw the expansion of the Barnabas1040 family into 2 African countries: Mali and Senegal.
• February We were able to make a trip into Myanmar where we taught, preached and vetted several national pastors. As a result of that trip we have committed to support 6 new national church planters and one orphanage. That gives us 10 churches, an orphanage and a Bible College we are helping in Myanmar.
• March  5 – 11 We spent in the Philippines with Pastor Gilbert Toquero in LaLoma Baptist Church in the Manila area. I was able to speak to over 200 pastors and missionaries and as a result of the trip to the Philippines, we are in the process of vetting church planters in the Philippines, India, and Bangladesh. I am praying that in the next few weeks we will be able to help several more church planters.
I anticipate 2019 being a great year of expansion as we still have meetings scheduled in Australia, Bangladesh, and Laos. 
Our goal at Barnabas1040 is not just a large number of men to support. Our goal is to identify and come alongside godly men that are doctrinally sound, soul winners that will plant indigenous gospel preaching Baptist churches in the least evangelized parts of the world. All of the men we support work alongside missionaries that are able to provide mentoring and accountability. Our support enables these men to get into cities and villages that are often difficult for foreigners to penetrate. They already speak the language, understand the culture and are able to do the work for a fraction of what it would cost an outsider. 
We now support well over 50 families in 13 of the least evangelized countries in the world. Our numbers would be greater if we did not take the time to vet these men, or if we sent them only a few dollars a month. Each of these families receives between $100.00 and $400.00 a month depending upon the economic level of the area where they are working. Our goal is to see them full time in the soul-winning/church planting ministry and for their church to be self supporting within 5 years. We are working towards sustainable ministries that can function without outside support. Our goal is the Great Commission, not Spiritual Colonization. Please pray for these men and their families. 
The nature of this ministry requires that we continually pick up new supporting churches if we are going to continually add new church planters. I am seeking Pastors that will partner with us in church planting in the countries with the least access to the Gospel. Pastor, would you pray about your church planting a sister church in a restricted access nation?
My wife and I have our home base in Asia but we will be back in the USA some in 2019 and have a few open dates if there are any pastors who would like us to present or report on the Barnabas1040 ministry. We have some dates open in November and December of 2019. Please email me if you would be interested. 
I want to close this brief update by once again acknowledging how grateful we are to God for each of you who support this ministry through prayer and finances. We know that we could not do what we do without you. Not a week goes by that we are not seeing multiple souls saved, baptized and added to local churches through those we are helping in 13 different countries across Asia. This is fruit that abounds to your account according to the promise of God in Philippians 4:14-19. 
Thank you for standing with us in seeking the lost in the 1040 region.
Mission's Conference: LaLoma Baptist Church
Pastors and Missionary Training Session
Pastor and Mrs. Toquero with my wife and I - Partnering together for the sake of the Gospel
Dwight &  Gayle Tomlinson
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“The only thing worse than being lost, is being lost with no one looking for you”

Dear Friends,
The New Year is off to a great start here in the 1040 Region of the world. The world’s largest human migration takes place annually here in China during the Lunar New Year as millions of people return to the hometown of their ancestors. Chinese New Year is every major holiday wrapped up in one package, and everything pretty much comes to a screeching halt for about 2 weeks as people travel.
One thing that has not come to a halt during this time is the ministry of Barnabas1040. 
By God’s grace in the first 6 weeks of 2019 we added 2 new countries to the areas where we are helping plant churches through national pastors. We are now supporting men in the West African countries of Mali and Senegal. The families we are helping are serving in Muslim areas. That means we are now helping to plant churches in 13 different countries in the least evangelized parts of the world. 
In addition to the Lord allowing us to expand into the Muslim parts of West Africa, Gayle and I just returned from a week in Yangon, Myanmar (formally known as Rangoon, Burma). This is the city where America’s first missionary Adoniram Judson labored 200 years ago.
Yangon is a city of 10 million people that is almost entirely Buddhist. I preached in the largest Independent Baptist Bible College in Myanmar as well as teaching missions classes to smaller Bible Institutes and preaching in local churches. 
As a result of this trip we have an opportunity to help 6 national church planters establish strong soul winning Independent Baptist Churches in Yangon. I have personally met with all of these men and have confidence that they are worthy of our partnership. In addition to planting at least 6 new churches, we have the opportunity to help a children’s home that is providing food, shelter and spiritual training to precious Burmese children who have no one else to care for them. These children have very little materially. They eat a little rice 3 times a day, and once a week they have a little chicken to go with their rice. They are cared for by loving workers who once were themselves orphans in the same home. Our support will enable them to have meat more than once a week and also help them to expand and care for even more needy children. 
Barnabas1040 already supports 9 evangelist/church planters in the Northern part of Myanmar, but by adding these 6 men in the South and helping the Baptist Children’s home we will be able to increase the number of people being given the opportunity to know Christ.  
God has opened some great doors for us in Yangon and we must not fail to go through them!
In a few days we will leave China once again to make the 3 hour flight to Manila where I have been invited to preach a local Church Missions Conference and also speak to Filipino pastors and missionaries. My wife will be speaking to the pastor and missionary wives. 
It is my prayer that the Lord will allow us to be a help to those who are on the front lines reaching people in this part of the world with the gospel. I also hope to meet men that we can help through our ministry to plant more churches that will in turn reproduce more churches for Christ.  I look forward to giving you a report of God’s blessings next month when we return from the Philippines. 
I also want to take a moment to say thank you to those churches and individuals who pray for and support Barnabas1040. We know that we could not continue this ministry without you. Together we are making a difference in the large cities and small villages in some of the poorest and neediest countries of the world. Please pray that God will be glorified and lives will be changed as we seek to make Him known in this part of the world.
Prayer Requests:
  • We are asking God to raise up 6 new churches to sponsor the 6 men I met with in Burma last week. These men are called, trained and vetted. We can get them full time on the field for $100.00 a month each. If any pastor reading this would be willing to sponsor one of these men, please let me know and I will send you more information. 
  • Please pray for safety, protection and especially God’s grace to face the satanic opposition that always comes with doing ministry in this part of the world. I am not always at liberty to share details, but opposition is a given in the 1040 Region. 
  • Please pray for Gayle and I as we seek God’s leading in how He would have us continue to expand the ministry. By God’s grace we are helping more than 50 church plants, 3 Bible Colleges and 2 orphanages in 13 countries. We are maxed out as far as monthly support is concerned. I do not believe this is all God wants to accomplish. We need wisdom as to the best way to expand. 
God bless you, and thank you once again for allowing us to represent you and our Savior in this part of the world. We love you. 
Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson
China Phone: 086-1521-888-1511
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Dear Friends,

I am writing the last prayer letter of 2018 from the chilly Seattle, Washington area where Gayle and I will be celebrating Christmas with two of our daughters and their families. We are scheduled to depart December 26th to return to Asia. I wanted to give you a quick report of the past few months as well as some of the things on the horizon.

Vietnam Ministry: 
In September the Lord allowed us to minister in Vietnam where I was able to preach to hundreds of Christian workers in 2 different cities. We saw 9 people saved and several baptized. We also met some young men that I hope to be able to help in church planting in unreached villages soon. We are in the process of vetting them and also seeking new supporters to help us evangelize this needy country.

Pakistani Refugee Ministry:

One of our partners in Sri Lanka has a ministry providing help to Pakistani refugees in Sri Lanka. We were able to help Missionary Terry Unruh with a $2,500.00 donation to this relief effort that is seeing many refugees come to Christ. We also have the privilege of partnering with Brother Unruh by supporting his church planting ministry through national pastors.

Expanding into North Africa: 
We recently returned to the USA for a series of Missions Conferences in California, Oregon, Washington and New Jersey. While in Berlin, New Jersey I was introduced to a veteran missionary to Africa. He was able to put me into contact with one of his men in the country of Mali who is in great need of financial help to keep he and his family on the field.

Mali is one of the neediest countries of Africa being over 90% Muslim. The Joshua Project estimates that less than 1% of the 20 million people in Mali are born again Christians. I am very happy that God has opened a door for us to help this dear man of God and his family remain in the country. The church planter is from another African country but he speaks the local language and feels called to leave the comparatively safer parts of Africa in order to reach the Muslims in Mali. We are honored to stand with him. By God’s grace, this will be our 45th church planter added to Barnabas1040!

2019 Ministry Expansion:
In the first four months of the new year we are scheduled to be in China, Myanmar, Australia, and the Philippines. We will be speaking in churches, vetting national pastors, teaching in Bible Colleges and increasing the Barnabas1040 family as the Lord enables us to financially support new national pastors in some of the most unreached places in the world. Please pray for God’s guidance and provision as we seek those that we can help in reaching their own people in difficult and dangerous places. I am also considering a return trip to Vietnam as well as a trip into India.

Return to China: 
Please be in prayer as we return to China in 3 weeks. The government crack down is spreading as more and more churches are being restricted and closed. God’s people, both foreign and nationals, are being censored with several foreigners having lost their ability to stay in the country. China needs your prayers!

In closing, I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of you who pray for and support this ministry. Our ministry is only 4 years old but the Lord has allowed us to grow to the point that we are operating in 12 countries in the 1040 Window. We are seeing scores of new churches planted in multiple cities and villages across Asia. Our progress seems slow at times, but I am committed to making sure that the men we support are doctrinally sound, hard working, and have an accountability structure.

None of this would be possible without those that God has led to partner with this ministry. We are deeply grateful to each of you!

God bless you, and Merry Christmas!

Dwight &  Gayle Tomlinson
China Phone: 086-1521-888-1511
U.S. Office @ Liberty Baptist Church: (949) 760-5444

Dear Friends,

Church Planting Conference:

As you read this letter my wife and I will be traveling from the “Restricted Access Nation” (RAN) where we live to another RAN located in S.E. Asia where we support several national church planters. We will be conducting training for pastors and their wives. My wife will speak to the ladies three times and I will speak ten times to the men or combined groups. Please keep this meeting in your prayers. The last time I was in this particular country we were harassed by the local police.

One of our pastors wrote me recently that the people were fasting and praying daily for three requests as we come: Power, Protection and Provision. Please join us in prayer that all three of these would be provided.

Typhoon MangKhut:

Super Typhoon Mangkhut passed through our city last night as it moved with devastating force through the Philippines, Hong Kong and Southern China. The effects were especially devastating in the Philippines. Please pray for the families who lost loved ones due to the deadly storm. Barnabas1040 supports several of the pastors that were affected by this typhoon.

Flooding in India and Laos:

In addition to the church planters that we support on a monthly basis in Laos and India, we were able to invest an additional $9,000 in providing food, water and medical supplies to some of the hardest hit villages. Laos saw at least 20 people killed and hundreds left homeless after the collapse of a dam in the South East. One of the pastors we support lost his home, and his crops were destroyed. We were able to help he and his dear wife.

India has been devastated with hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands more left homeless through torrential rains. We were able to provide finances for Dr. John Paul Moses and his team to provide medical help.

Storm Clouds at Home:

Many of you are aware that China is enforcing new religious regulations that are making it increasingly difficult for Christians. Many of God’s people in cities large and small have been impacted by this. I want to be discreet, but we are definitely asking for prayer for all of God’s people across this great nation. We know that He is in control and we are trusting that all things will work for His glory and our good. My wife and I have not yet had any negative impact, but our daughter and family are currently in need of a miracle to be able to remain in the country. The Lord knows the details, but I would like to ask you to make this an urgent matter of prayer. They have less than 60 days to find a way to remain in the country.

Gayle and I know that we could not do what we do without the faithful partners that stand with us in prayer and finances. The part of the world we have the privilege of serving is almost 100% “restricted access”.

There may be some parts of the world where money alone is the solution; but not where we live and work. Right now, we are in contact with several godly people who have storms that money cannot solve. They don’t need money, they need miracles!

So in closing, I want to say thank you for giving; but even more so, thank you for praying!

Dwight &  Gayle Tomlinson
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Dear Friends,

July was a busy and blessed month here in China as well as around Asia for Barnabas1040.

Church Planting:

By God’s grace we were able to add 2 new church planters in Laos as well as a small but dynamic Bible College to the list of those we partner with through Barnabas1040. We currently support 36 national church planters and 4 Bible Colleges in 11 different countries.

All of the people we help are located in what is called the 10/40 region which is the least evangelized portion of the world. The church planters we support are literally on the front lines, serving in Communist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim strongholds. I am continually inspired and convicted by their dedication and willingness to take the gospel into Satan’s strongholds.

Each week I receive reports of people being saved and baptized in places where ministry is difficult and sometimes dangerous. Please pray for our national pastors and missionaries and their families. Pray for their safety and God’s blessings upon their labor.


I have a conference scheduled in Vietnam in September where we will be bringing together missionaries and Vietnamese pastors for training and encouragement. Please pray for God to raise up more dedicated young couples to serve Him in spreading the Gospel among their own people. Two of our churches in Vietnam are in need of finances for larger buildings to house their growing congregations. Please pray for these needs to be met.

My wife and I will be in the USA for 2 months during October and November where I will preach in 11 Churches and 1 Men’s meeting in 5 States. It will be a busy 8 weeks, but please pray that God will raise up new supporting churches that will enable us to continue to expand our church planting ministry in restricted access nations.

I am currently working on details for trips to Burma, India, Australia and the Philippines for the purpose of vetting church planting ministries that we are hoping to help with finances as well as mentoring and spiritual leadership training. Please pray for God’s guidance and leadership in these areas.


In addition to our work across the 10/40 region the Lord has opened some amazing doors here in the city we live in. It is a city of 15 million people that is in desperate need of the Gospel. I have been invited to preach in the Sunday services of a local church twice a month. This is one of the few legal assemblies in our city and there are no restrictions on the Bible messages that I and the other men are preaching. There are very few foreigners attending which means on any given Sunday there are well over 100 local Chinese professional people that are learning the Word of God. I have no idea how long this door will be open, but I do know personally the One who “opens doors that no man can shut”. People are coming to Christ and being taught to live for Him. Please pray for God’s continued blessings.

As always, I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who pray for and support this ministry. We could not do what we do here in China and across Asia without those who stand with us so faithfully. We love you and are extremely grateful that we have the privilege of partnering together for the faith.

In summary, here are our prayer requests:

1. Safety and protection of the national pastors and their families.
2. More dedicated national pastors to surrender to reach their own people
3. Financial help for two churches in Vietnam and one in Burma that need buildings. (If you would like to help with this, please let me know.These are our brothers and sisters who have already given sacrificially and could use help from us to finish their buildings.)
4. New supporting churches added to Barnabas1040
5. For the doors to remain open in our city.

God bless you!

Dwight &  Gayle Tomlinson
China Phone: 086-1521-888-1511
U.S. Office @ Liberty Baptist Church: (949) 760-5444