Recent Updates

Last Month I highlighted some statistics concerning the diversity of countries, religions, languages and people groups that Barnabas1040 Missions and our partners have the privilege of helping. 

This month I thought that our partners in ministry might enjoy seeing a few photos of some of the people and churches you are investing in through your prayers and finances. I am including a few pictures from just a handful of the 20 countries where we are helping national pastors plant churches in cities and villages where there are very few, if any, foreigners. This will give you a very small glimpse of what is happening as a result of your prayers and financial support in parts of the world that have very little access to the Gospel.  

Majority Muslim:
Majority Buddhist:
Majority Hindu:
Majority Animist and Tribal Religions :
Majority Catholic:

It is my prayer that these photos will give you a better understanding of how you can pray as we are striving together to bring the Gospel to those who live in areas of great physical and spiritual darkness. 

I believe that every single person born into the world deserves the opportunity to be saved. I never cease to thank God that He has raised up local churches and partners like yourself to help us with our goal of bringing the Gospel to those who are still waiting to hear the wonderful news of salvation.

Thank you for praying and giving.

Personal Details:

In last month’s letter I mentioned that my wife would be having Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery. The surgery was successful and she is gradually regaining the use of her right arm, although we are told It will be a few months before she has complete mobility. Some of you sent texts, emails flowers or calls expressing your concern. Gayle asked me to express her thanks for your love, prayers and encouragement!

Ministry Related Details:

I was not able to travel during the month of September, but this gave me an opportunity to focus on making contact with our missionaries and pastors in Asia and Africa. This was very helpful in gaining insight into victories, disappointments, needs and how we could better serve them.

This communication time also helped me see a few things that we needed to change in order to stay focused on church planting, worker accountability and wise stewardship. The Lord also allowed us to vet and make commitments to helping 5 new pastors in Vietnam, 2 in the Philippines and 1 in Bangladesh. September was a needed and profitable time, but we are both looking forward to getting back on the road in October.


I thought it might be interesting to our ministry partners to see where you are helping to take the gospel message. We are currently engaged in 20 countries. Rather than list each country individually, I have placed them into 5 categories based on the majority religion of the people. As you consider these it is good to remember that some of the countries are communist and officially Atheist, and others of them have multiple false religious beliefs depending upon their tribal customs. Most of the places we work have less than 2% of the population that claims biblical Christianity.   

Majority Muslim:   10 Countries – 36 Pastors – 23 languages

Majority Buddhist:  5 Countries – 55 Pastors – 40 Languages

Majority Hindu:     1 Country – 7 Pastors – 7 languages

Majority Animist and Tribal Religions:  2 Countries – 4 men – 3 languages

Majority Catholic:   2 Countries – 5 men – 2 languages

Total:  20 Countries – 107 Pastors – 75 languages* (some of these languages are duplicates due to multiple men reporting, and my inability to know how many villages speak the same language. My conservative estimate would be 50 different languages.)

The Lord is doing some amazing things around the world and it is a great privilege to have a part through Barnabas1040 Missions. We could not do it without the faithful partners that pray for and give towards this ministry. Thank you for helping us serve these servants of God who are laboring in difficult places.

God Bless You,

Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson

A few days ago I returned from my first Asian trip since the shutdowns triggered by the Covid virus. It was great to be back among people I have grown to love and also to meet new nationals that we hope to partner with through Barnabas1040.

Thailand and Laos Conference:

My trip began with a flight to UdonThani, Thailand where approximately 200 national workers assembled for 4 days of prayer, teaching, and preaching. The meeting was held close to the border of Thailand and Laos so that our Laotian brothers and sisters could attend without fear of harassment.

I was honored to preach twice during the conference as well as blessed to hear several messages from local pastors. Of course I did not have a clue what they were saying, but it was still good to know they were preaching the truths of God’s Word!

It was good to meet up with some faithful missionary friends that I have not seen for a long time. 

I also rejoice that I was able to vet and commit financial support to a new church planter in Thailand. Please pray for Pastor Pran and the Baan Wai Baptist Church.


The bulk of my time in Asia was spent in Vietnam. It is truly inspiring to see how God is working through his people there. There are very few foreign gospel workers but souls are being saved every day all over that beautiful country. 

I don’t think it wise to name the various cities and villages I visited, but I do want to say that everywhere I went, I met men and women with a great love and dedication to Christ. 

I spoke in Bible Institutes, local churches and home gatherings. The surroundings varied but the spirit was consistent. Most of the people I met with were young, but all of them have a clear understanding of what it might cost them to be followers of Jesus. My heart was truly moved by their stories. Some of them told me of watching their fathers endure multiple imprisonments. One told me of seeing his father killed and his body thrown in the river. My love and admiration for these dear people grows deeper each time I have the opportunity to be with them. 

There is a great opportunity and need for foreign workers to go to Vietnam, but only if one is humble enough to work in the shadows as a servant to the local people.

There are several local men that we could take on for support right now in Vietnam. Please contact me if you are a pastor wanting to help meet this need. Barnabas1040 is supporting around 30 church planters in Vietnam now, but we could increase that number if God touches your heart.

Personal Prayer Request

My wife will be having total shoulder replacement surgery this coming Monday, August 29th. I would appreciate very much if our friends would pray for her. 

In closing I want to say once again how thankful we are for every pastor, church and Individual that partners with us through prayer or finances. We know that we could not do what we do without you.

A few weeks from now will mark 7 years since we began this ministry not knowing what God would do with it. I am amazed at how gracious God has been to allow us to now support well over 100 church planters in 20 different countries. Thousands of people are being saved and baptized each year. 

None of this could have happened without God’s blessing and your partnership. 

God Bless You!

Deuteronomy 31:8: “And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee: he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed”
As I write this update we are entering into the 2nd half of 2022. I am happy to announce that we are seeing God do great things in spite of the political, social, moral, and economic chaos that surrounds us. God is always in control and His people should never worry that things are out of control.
Salvation and Baptism: 

Our national pastors and church planters reported 2,139 professions of faith and 391 baptisms during the months of April, May, and June. These are people who come from primarily Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Atheist backgrounds. Most of these new converts will suffer some level of persecution because of their decision to follow Christ.

Gospel Centered Compassion:
The countries we work in have some of the highest levels of poverty in the world. Many of the Missionaries and Pastors we work with not only are ministering to the spiritual needs but the physical as well. They reach out to the destitute with the love of Christ, food, water and the gospel.
By God’s grace we have been able to help people in India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Laos, Thailand and a few other countries. The last 3 months we have channeled approximately $10,000.00 donated by churches and individuals to places in great physical need. In each home where food was given, the gospel was also presented.
This was in addition to the thousands of dollars of monthly support that helps to keep more than 100 families on the field winning souls and planting local churches.
I do not have the statistics from every place where works of compassion were done, but here is the report from one missionary in one communist country.
“560 food packages given – approximately 1,800 people fed – 76 received Christ as Savior – 24 baptized.” 
Travel Plans:
In a few weeks I will be returning to SE Asia for a 12 day trip. I will be meeting with missionaries and pastors in both Thailand and Vietnam. These trips are always filled with preaching and teaching opportunities, but the main thing that I hope to accomplish is to encourage the people we already support, and identify several more church planters that our ministry can help.
I am praying to be able to add anywhere from 10 to 20 additional church planters to the more than 100 we already support. Please join me in praying that God will allow us to do this.
Family Matters:
As many of you know, Gayle and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. God has blessed us both with good health, but Gayle has dealt for many years with arthritis in her shoulder that has finally reached the point that surgery is necessary. Her doctor has recommended a shoulder replacement and we are prayerfully considering her options. Please pray with us as we seek the Lord’s direction.
Prayer Requests:
  • Wisdom on how to proceed with Gayle’s medical decisions.
  • Health, Safety, and God’s guidance as I make trips into Thailand and Vietnam in a few days.
  • More national church planters that we can help as they plant gospel preaching churches in villages and cities where access is restricted to foreigners.
  • Courage, boldness, and Holy Spirit power for those who are serving in difficult and dangerous places around the world.
  • More churches and individuals to join forces with Barnabas1040 through prayer and financial support for the addition of new church planters.
In closing, I want to say thank you to the great family of Churches and Individuals that pray for and support this ministry. Hundreds of ministry families in 20 different restricted access nations are praying for you, and thanking God for your help. They are the grateful recipients of your compassion.
God Bless You!
I trust this report finds you well. Gayle and I are both well and enjoying the life and ministry that God has graciously called us to. I wanted to give you a quick update on what God is doing through our partnership.
Church Planters Report:
We are now supporting approximately 115 National Pastors in 20 different countries. The reports they turned in for January – March totaled 1,583 Salvation decisions and 304 baptisms. 
This is a substantial increase from any quarter in 2021 which may be an indication that we are not only continuing to add new church plants, but also finally seeing an easing of Covid restrictions across some areas of Asia. The easing of lockdowns allows our people greater opportunities for personal evangelism. 
Personal Travels:
Gayle and I are continuing to travel and present the ministry of Barnabas1040 Missions here in America. It has been my privilege to introduce Missions to several young churches recently, as well as participate in conferences with established churches that already have strong missions programs.
I am honored by any opportunity to teach the biblical case for missions, but it is especially pleasing to be able to lay the foundation for a missions program in new churches. It gives me hope for the next generation in America to see the desire young men have to “keep the main thing, the main thing” in their ministry.
International Opportunities:
Although at this time we do not foresee ever returning to East Asia to live, we still see the need to make frequent trips into S.E. Asia for vetting, teaching and accountability purposes. Travel to that part of the world has gone from impossible, to very difficult, to possible in some cases recently. I am exploring the possibility of trips into China, Vietnam and Africa at the moment for the purpose of encouraging those we already support as well as seeking opportunities to expand our outreach.
I am also praying about expanding into select countries outside of Asia where there are few foreign missionaries, yet there are some local believers that need help in reaching their own people for Christ. This would include some countries where many of the foreign missionaries were forced to leave during Covid and are still unable to return.
One of the blessings of partnering with nationals is that they do not have to leave the country in times of war, pandemic or other turmoil.
In closing, I want to once again express my sincere gratitude to all of you who pray for and support this ministry. We never forget that we could not do what we do without you. People are being saved every day in small villages and big cities in restricted access parts of our world because you have chosen to partner with Barnabas1040 Missions. 
God Bless You!