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Support requests must be rendered by an Independent Baptist missionary willing to act as the go-between connecting Barnabas1040 and the national pastor. The missionary should be living and working in the 10/40 Window. Our goal is to come alongside you and provide short-term finances to get men that you have trained and have confidence in out into the harvest field, planting self-supporting IB churches.

Our focus is especially on the countries in the 10/40 Window that are considered restricted-access to traditional North American missionaries. We want to help you as a missionary give your Timothys a chance to plant and build a local, indigenous church among their own people.

If you would like us to consider someone you feel would fit the mission of our ministry, we would ask that you do the following:

1. Review the philosophy of support on our website and make sure you agree with it. Basically, our philosophy is that we do not support missionaries, evangelists, etc. that are looking for permanent support. It is not that we don’t believe in their ministry. We just feel compelled to focus on a narrow group so we can expedite church planting with what little money we have.

2. We want to support national church planters willing to live on the average level of the people they are attempting to reach.

3. Please email us a photo of the church planting couple along with a written testimony of their salvation, baptism, and their calling to the city they are going to. I would also like to know if they are already fluent in the language of the people and what training/discipleship you have been able to offer. Please send emails to

4. We would ask that you be the one to handle their finances so you can provide accountability and mentoring as they serve. Our prayer will be that they become self-supporting in a few years, but we will consider your continued counsel regarding their financial support.

5. Inform us regarding how much money would be needed in US dollars to take care of their monthly living expenses. We are not able to provide start-up costs, building rental, etc., but would like to be able to help you get the church planter full-time into the ministry.

6. We would like for them to send regular reports to so that we may pass on the information to the supporters of Barnabas1040 as well as needed prayer and encouragement.

7. Because of the fact that the missionary is the channel through which funds are sent, we ask that the missionary be someone that is known to myself or someone on our advisory council. 

Please be assured that we will prayerfully consider each request for support.

Pastor Dwight Tomlinson