Summer 2015 Update

July 13, 2015 Summer 2015 Update 

Dear friends,

“He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame”.   Proverbs 10:5
I am happy to report to you that our national pastors supported through Barnabas1040 are gathering -not sleeping – in the harvest this summer!
Brother Abraham who is planting a brand new church in Nigeria writes:
“I just want to quickly give the brethren the things that the Lord has been doing through us here for Him. Last month was a great month for me. I started Bible study in my home, and I invited many people that I witnessed to to the Bible study, but to my surprise, none of them have showed up since last month, but only my family now. We will still continue the Bible study, and invite more people to attend it, and we will not give up. And also I was able to start school ministry, and the Lord has been increasing and helping us reach more people both students and teachers with the Word of God, and after the preaching, I give them the book of John and Romans Bible. I went to three schools last month, I saw about 80 souls saved plus the teachers. And I talked to many people on my one on one soul winning. The school ministry was possible through Barnabas1040 ministry. I couldn’t afford to travel to all these schools without your help. Thank you.”
We have also received reports of souls saved in both Laos and Northern Thailand through our national pastors and missionaries there.
God is using these dedicated men to reach their own people and we are honored to be able to stand with them through Barnabas1040.

I will be making a trip to the 1040 window on July 27th. We will be gone for 3 weeks working with Independent Baptist pastors and missionaries in 4 countries. The purpose of this trip is to meet with some of the men we already support, as well as several new men that our missionaries are recommending for help with reaching their own people.
Barnabas1040 is currently working in Laos, Thailand and Nigeria. We are hoping to soon add church planters in Cambodia, Indonesia, and China. 
Please pray for these men and women that are reaching their own people for Christ and establishing self supporting local churches in the 1040 window.
Thank you and God bless you,
Pastor Tomlinson