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Dwight Tomlinson and his wife, Gayle


Pastor Dwight Tomlinson is the founder and director of Barnabas1040, a local church planting movement that helps National Pastors in the least engaged and evangelized parts of the world. He works in conjunction with a group of Independent Baptist pastors and missionaries, bringing together resources that are used to plant Indigenous churches across Asia and the Middle East.

Dwight and Gayle have personally started three churches; one in Hong Kong, China, and two in America. For 25 years Pastor Tomlinson served as the Senior Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, California. During that time he made several trips to various countries in the 10/40 Window preaching in local churches and encouraging national pastors as well as missionaries. 

In 2015 the Tomlinson’s resigned their pastorate in Southern California and moved to Guangzhou, China where they base the Barnabas1040 ministry.

Dwight and Gayle have 3 children and 9 grandchildren. One of their daughters and her family serve the Lord with them as Missionaries to China. The other 2 children and their families are serving the Lord through their local churches.