Why Do I Need A Middleman?

March 02, 2017
Recently a pastor friend was asking me about the ministry of Barnabas1040.  I explained that it is a ministry of helps that comes alongside Independent Baptist missionaries and national pastors, providing the resources for them to plant indigenous churches in the least evangelized parts of the world. My friend listened intently, sensing the wisdom of the concept that those we have led to Christ and discipled should be encouraged to reach their own people. After a few minutes he said “I see the wisdom and biblical basis for what you are doing; this is exactly what we see in the New Testament. But I still have one question: It looks like you are the middleman between me and my missionaries…why do I need a middleman?”
I think this is a good question that deserves an honest answer, so here are 7 reasons why I believe having a “middleman” through Barnabas1040 is a good way for Western churches to invest in church planting within the 10/40 Window.
1. We do the front work of identifying and vetting national pastors who are deserving of your financial support. This is huge, because it is not practical, desirable or possible for most pastors to do this themselves. By living and working in Asia we are able to be your eyes and ears in this vital work.
2. We are targeting the most unreached and unengaged people in the world. We support national church planters in Communist, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim countries. We are helping you go to places and reach people that you could not by using traditional methods.
3. We encourage missionaries and nationals through our leadership training times by teaching the biblical truth that there is a difference between the calling and gifting of a local church pastor and a missionary. As a result we are seeing more nationals surrender to serve and more missionaries embrace the vision of 2 Tim. 2:2.
4. We provide a way for Western churches to reduce the time and money necessary to plant churches among the most needy people groups in the world. Our nationals already speak the language, understand the culture and are able to live on the same economic level as the people they are reaching.
5. We provide a way for Western churches to minister to their suffering brothers and sisters who live in places where missionaries are severely limited by the governments or customs. Our national pastors do not face the same scrutiny or suspicion that Westerners do.
6. We accelerate God’s command to make disciples of all nations by supporting men who can immediately lead their own people to Christ. Why should precious souls continue to die and go to hell when there are national workers willing and able to go now?
7. All of the money that is donated to Barnabas1040 is used to help nationals. Everyone associated with our ministry raises personal support so there is no overhead. We are able to put 100% of the money sent to Barnabas1040 directly into helping those who are the most in need of the gospel.
These are 7 reasons why I believe it might be beneficial to each pastor reading this blog to prayerfully consider letting us be your “middleman” at Barnabas1040. We have only one goal and that is to glorify and obey God by helping to get the gospel to those who are still waiting to hear. There are billions of souls at stake. It would be our great honor to be the “middleman” if it would mean more precious souls could be reached for Christ.
If you would like more information concerning how we can serve you, please visit our website at www.Barnabas1040.com or email me at dtomlinson@barnabas1040.com.